Santa Felicita Valley - History and nature at the feet of Monte Grappa

The Valley of Santa Felicita is one of the most important valleys of the Grappa mountains. Deep and wild,  Santa Felicita valley is located between Romano d'Ezzelino and Semonzo at an altitude of 200 m.
If you like hiking, the Valley of Santa Felicita is very exciting. Several trails lead from the valley floor to the top of the Grappa Massif, along the entire Valley or its steep flanks on the right and left side.
Santa Felicita Valley offers the ideal access point for numerous activities, from hiking to biking, from the excursion to the free flight. The valley of Santa Felicita is located just minutes from takeoff and landing zones in Romano d'Ezzelino and Semonzo. Santa Felicita Valley is also home to one of the largest rock gyms in the Veneto area.