Trail "Due Valli" - Col Campeggia

We leave the wood in view of the cliffs of Santa Felicita Valley: beautiful view over the valley below. We pass a block of black pine.
At an altitude of 865 m, we leave the forest road to turn left up the steep path with twists and turns that rises above a forest of larch and spruce; ahead can be seen below, on the left, the road Cadorna.
At an altitude of 950 m, the trail joins the forest road that comes from Val del Campo, we turn right slightly downhill; there are beautiful views of the Santa Felicita Valley below and Grappa Peak, with its memorial to the fallen of the Great War. At an altitude of 930 m, you leave on the right the trail n. 54 which descends into the valley; we keep going along the forest road. Shortly after, we go through a beautiful beech forest.
At an altitude of 970 m the environment changes completely: we pass from light to dark beech forest reforestation of spruce; in short, the trail connects with the trenches of Col Campeggia, recovered by the Protezione Civile of Romano d'Ezzelino.