Where to stay

Welcome to B&B Monte Grappa Guest House, the guest house in Valle Santa Felicita, at the foot of Monte Grappa, where you can spend unforgettable moments surrounded by nature. B&B Monte Grappa is located between Borso del Grappa - Semonzo and Romano d'Ezzelino, in the natural amphitheater created by the marvelous Valle Santa Felicita, where the main paths towards Monte Grappa begin. B&B Monte Grappa is also just a 10 minute drive from Bassano del Grappa. B&B Monte Grappa is the ideal place for your stay, a few meters away from the Climbing Wall of Valle Santa Felicita, just 1 minute's drive from the landing field of Semonzo and 15 minutes from launch points of Semonzo and Romano d'Ezzelino (Costalunga).